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Personnel and instruments who are no longer a part of the Mass Spectrometry Facility but have played a valuable role in its history:


Brian Arbogast† (1945-2010)

Instruments: Water/Micromass Q-TOF Ultima global, Waters/Micromass LCT Premier and LCT Classic

Main Analyses: ESI LC-MS and LC-MS/MS

Elisabeth Barofsky (retired)

instruments: ABI 4700 Proteomics Analyzer

Main Analyses: LC MALDI MS/MS


MaxDeinzer (1937-2013)
Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

Mike Hare

Instruments: ABI 4700 Proteomics Analyzer

Main Analyses: LC MALDI MS/MS

Michelle Romero
Lab Technician


Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo PhD

Soyoun Ahn

Dr. Johana Revel PhD

Udaya Abeywarna

Research: Biochemistry, Neuropeptides inischemic cells.

Samuel E. Bennet


David Broderick

Research: Biochemistry, cell structure, proteomics

Woon-Gye Chung

Research: Biochemistry, cell culture, proteomics in Alzheimer's disease


Ruth Gordillo

Research: Ascorbylation of lipid peroxidation products

Gregory Gutshall

MS Student

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bingnan Han

Research: Organic Synthesis, Proteomics


Elisabeth (Lizz) Hardardt

Wei Jang

Research: Natural products and drug screening

Phone: 541-737-1774

Brandi Langsdorf, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Research: Medicinal chemistry, disease biomarkers

LeeCole Legette

Hui-jing Li

Research: Mass spectrometry, Natural Products chemistry, Hops chemistry

Kevin Marley

Research: Biochemistry, Cardiovascular aging and oxidative stress in cariac mitochondria, Proteomics


Keith Nylin

Research: Superoxide dismutase

John Sowell

Research: Analysis of lipid peroxidation products

Sarah Trimpin

Research: MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, macromolecules, covalent nodifications of proteins

Samanthi Wickramasekara

Xuguang Yan

Research: Structural and functional proteomics, protein dynamics, conformational analysis and biomolecular interactions, H/D exchange and MS


Ben Bythell

PhD 2007

Physical chemistry and mass spectrometry development

Juan Chavez

Analytical Chemistry

PhD 2010

Ben Figard

PhD 2007

Biochemistry, biophysics and organic chemistry


Lin Huang


PhD 2016




Carin Huset

PhD 2007

Environmental analytical chemistry

Hong Ji

PhD 2007

Physical and analytical chemistry

Nick Kesinger

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry

PhD 2009

Jay Kirkwood

Heather Conway Kuiper

Pharmaceutical Sciences; Medicinal Chemistry

PhD 2009


Ievgen Motorykin


PhD 2015




Sasidhar Nirudodhi

Tim Rhoads

Rick Scheri

PhD 2008

Environmental and molecular toxicology

Melissa Schultz

PhD 2006

Environmental analytical chemistry

Sara Sowell

PhD 2008

Molecular and cellular biology

Martha Degen Stapels

PhD 2006

Research: Proteomics

Shin-Cheng Newcity) Tzeng

Jing Wang

Jianyong (Walter) Wu

Analytical Chemistry

PhD 2009



Yuanyuan Wu



Jayda Sponge



Parnian Lak



Ines Pariaso

Zifeng Song

2018 PhD

Fereshteh Zandkarimi


Andrea Becerra

Visiting Researcher

Andrea Duncan


 Tanner Simpson


William Walls


Dr. Armando Alcazar 

Dr. Ashish Vaswani


Kratos MS 50 TC



Closeup view of Kratos magnet



HP GC Electron Monochromator






Perkin-Elmer Sciex API 365 LC-MS/MS System





Sciex API III Plus LC-MS/MS System



Finnigan LCQ Classic Ion Trap



LC MALDI Target Spotter with Close-up
Waters Micromass LC-T Classic coupled to Waters nanoAcquity UPLC
Bruker UltraToF
Finnigan TSQ 700 Prototype
 In house-built GC-electron monochromator TOF MS
 TOF Prototype MS